Terms & Conditions of Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Bognor Regis Write Club.   We are not a beginners group, nor are we full-time professionals, but we are all fiction writers. 

We meet from 19:00 to 21:30 in  the Regis School of Music, 46 Sudley Road, Bognor Regis PO21 1ER  usually on the 3rd Monday of the month. You need to bring your own refreshments.  There is a small kitchen where you can prepare hot drinks.

We provide info about future meeetings, publishing opportunities, and general news about the group and its members at:

www.bognorwriteclub.com ;

 www.meetup.com/Bognor-Regis-Writers-Group/events ;

Bognor Regis WriteClub on Facebook  – a private group, you ask to join;

and for established members, we have a Whatsapp group that we call BRWCdoglovers which gives you a clue as to what we swap there: dog pics, lovely photos, jokes and general chitchat.


You request or are invited to join, usually via email: bognorwriters@gmail.com or via our Meet-up group: https://www.meetup.com/Bognor-Regis-Writers-Group/events.

  1. Julia will ask what you hope to get from the group and at what stage you are in your writing career.  She will also ask for an example of your recent work and in return will give a free critique of it in the same style as you might expect at a meeting.
  2. You will be invited to attend the next meeting you are available for, as an observer.
  3. If we all like each other, you will be invited to send in a piece of your current work to read out at the next meeting.
  4. You must agree by email that you are happy for your work and email address to be shared with the rest of the group.
  5. At the second meeting you attend, you will have the opportunity to read out your work and we will give feedback as we do to all members who read out.
  6. If you are still interested, and we have all got along, we will then invite you to formally join us. 
  7. Before your next meeting you must complete the application form and pay the annual subscription fee of £30.

If submissions do not comply with this, they will be returned with a reminder that these are the guidelines.

  1. The piece to read out should be 1500 words maximum.  Less is fine – more is not.
  2. If your piece is longer than that, you can send it to the group as the complete piece for comment or to help with the bigger picture but I still need the  1500 words as a separate document
  3. It should be a Word doc or docx only.
  4. Your work  needs only your name and story title at the top.  You don’t need to show word count as Word shows that at the bottom of the screen.  Copyright is implied.
  5. Single line spacing, please, unless there is a time lapse in which case 1 line space will do.
  6. No more than 12 size font – any typeface you like – but no bigger than 12.
  7. Novel segments – we need your precis as a  separate document. 
  8. The whole piece should be in regular font – not BOLD all the way through.
  9. No colour, please – in background or in text, unless it is absolutely integral to the plot.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Members must have had work published, be aiming to get work published or be a skilled hobby writer.
  2. An annual subscription fee of £30 must be paid and an application form completed before attendance at the second meeting.
  3. Members will be asked to leave if two or more members make a formal request to the organiser that a member be deselected for a specific reason (e.g. rudeness to another member).
  4. While we understand that people may not be able to attend every month, as we are sharing copyrighted creative material with each other, members have agreed that there must be an active relationship with the group.  Members will be considered to have resigned from the group if:
    1.  we have not heard from them for 3 months unless they have extenuating circumstances that they have communicated to the organisers.
    2. or have not attended for 6 months, no matter what. 
  5. The non-attender may be able to re-join at a later date, when they are better placed to attend regularly.
  6. The session will start promptly at 19:00.
  7. A typical meeting will include:
    1. welcome and introductions;
    2. news (members’ successes, upcoming opportunities);
    3. reading out of members’ work;
    4. date and theme/challenge of next meeting;
    5. A half-time comfort/ refreshment break will be included. 
  8. The theme or challenge is not homework but an optional inspiration if you want it.
  9. The session will be divided up fairly between members present to allow time for reading out and discussion/feedback of each piece.
  10. Pieces of work should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to read out: about 1,000 – 1500 words).
  11. Priority to read out work will be given to those members who have emailed their work to the organisers prior to the meeting, so that a copy can be distributed to members.  This will enable more considered, and hopefully useful, feedback.
  12. Members will not be expected to read out at every session, nor should they expect that time can always be allotted to them to read out, but those who are unable to read out at one session, despite having submitted beforehand and attended, will get priority at the next that they attend.
  13. Members are encouraged to share information on competitions, publishing opportunities and tips on the writing and publishing process.
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