April 2022

Finally, the Bognor Regis Write Club had its first face to face meeting for over two years! It was nearly farewell to Zoom but one of our members has moved county during the pandemic, and so will continue to attend virtually. As a group, we have also moved to a new venue. The Regis School of Music has offered us a lovely room: brightly lit, warm and private – quite a contrast to our previous two venues. It comes with a cost so we have changed to annual subs format – a bad time to impose new charges but needs must. Thirteen of us attended, if we include our ‘head in a jar’ on screen. The pieces read out were of the usual high quality and it was so nice to be back around a table together. We broke the ice with 6-word stories that we had prepared earlier. Our inspiration for April had come from May’s comes via a round-the-table game to create weird and wonderful combinations of character, location, desire, obstacle and random item. I am really looking forard to seeing what inspiration brings from these foundations!

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