Our 2nd Anthology gets published!!

We released our 2nd anthology and our 3rd collaborative book in November 2017.  The View From Here is  a high quality mix of short stories and poems.  Feel free to buy a copy from Amazon!

FrontCoverViewFromHere   ViewFromHereWritersBEST

Contributors:  Back Row: Steve Taylor, Sebastian Phillips, Heather Robbins, Robert Winter.  Front Row: Julia Macfarlane, Bee Gray, Jenny Dean

3 thoughts on “Our 2nd Anthology gets published!!

  1. What makes a good writer?
    I can’t draw or paint but, think that words and their derivatives, synonyms, antonyms, adjectives and adverbs etc enhance the readers mental images of the writers intention.
    A rhythm that moves through the text to maintain the reader’s ability to process text into sound and movement in the minds cinema.
    A writer uses a device known as the stream of consciousness.
    Dickens allegedly fell asleep holding a set of keys. At the moment of entering sleep, he relaxed thus dropping the keys involuntarily.
    Startled, he found himself in a partial dream state.
    He would record his thoughts which were flowing gently.
    Shelley took opiates as catalyst.
    The latter in my opinion, is not recommended.
    Still, perhaps true talent is a rare commodity So beware of who has access to your intellectual property!


    1. I have never heard that before about Dickens (I am a BIG Dickens fan). Where are you from, John? Do you live in Bognor? And are you interested in joining our group of writers? Julia


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