Bognor Regis write Club


We are a small friendly group of would-be professional writers of fiction, poetry and prose.  We meet once a month  to read out our latest 1000 – 1500 word selection, ranging from short stories, novels in progress,  poetry and screenplays.


Our latest anthology published in 2017 Below.   Click books to buy from Amazon.  For more info email








2 thoughts on “Bognor Regis write Club

  1. The drizzle and gloomy twilight April evening hung over Bognor Town as a harbinger of a seaside in decline.
    Never the less a small group had gathered in the chambers to forge a plan to build and restore the forgotten
    Once regal town into a credible place to visit , stay and enjoy.
    Derrick tried to appear attentative but, after many similar meetings could not see a clear solution that would be shared by the council and community alike.
    At 9pm, the meeting adjourned. Derrick signed off the motions and minutes before cycling west ward along the Aldwick promenade home.
    He rode a pashley roadster vicars bike which reflected his eccentricity and vision of a seaside town between the two Great Wars. But not the kiss me quick hats and marauding day trippers from London.
    His pleasure was a pint of Young’s ale which he took in the Waverley.
    Sitting on the veranda looking out into the dark listening to the tide wash and crackle over the shingle on it’s retreat, it became clear, crystal clear.
    Bognor Regis is and should be different things to different people. A quiet middle class enclave west of the old pier in juxtaposition to a bohemian artistic vibrant centre.
    All the elements were already there.
    Richard ‘The Hatter’ Hotham was a visionary and had set the first building blocks in situ…
    We need to continue his project into the future being optimistic,
    United and strong.
    Derrick continued cycling home. His only regret was shyness which inhibited his ability to become a confident public speaker.


  2. An attempt at short story writing which may have a slight resemblance to George Orwell although brief.
    Probably out of place but could inspire would be authors to write about the places they live and work for the interest of an outsider.


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